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Meet Amanda Perryman, Professional Groomer & Full Time Dog & Cat Lover.

Meet Amanda Perryman, Professional Groomer & Full Time Dog & Cat Lover.

Amanda Perryman-
Being an artist at heart, I understand the art of dog grooming. From lines on a page with graphite to strokes canvas with paint, art is what I am meant to do. When I am grooming a client's dog, I tend to take on these tasks as works of art. With music in my soul and dance at my feet, you can bet your pups will have a great time when they are with me.

I have shared a special bond with animals my entire life. Yep, I'm that person who will always say hello to the pets in a home when I visit before spending much time with the humans around. Dogs know this, too, as they often let me know my attention should be on them. I tend to know animals well. How they are feeling and what they might be thinking are things I consider as important as how they look when they return home. I can tell if a dog is happy and excited to be with me for the time it may take to groom, or if they are absolutely terrified. My technique and approach will change with each dog's personality and emotional needs. This connection is important to make your dogs feel comfortable and at home with me each time they visit.

For the past several years, I have studied various grooming techniques to improve my skills. I've learned differences between breeds and various cuts and styles. The first dogs I ever groomed were Elizabeth and Ginger. They were the sweetest King Charles Spaniels, and it was their temperament and loving tolerance with the sweet puppy kisses that showed me just how much I enjoy grooming. Elizabeth and Ginger quickly became clients. I was lucky enough to puppy-sit them often. I'd take them hiking and then bathe them, brush them, and remove any dirt, debris, and tangles from their gorgeous coats. I loved my time with them, and making them beautiful was a bonus for me. At one point, I asked their owners to let me care for them anytime they were dirty. I credit these two amazing dogs for getting me into this field. Sadly, Elizabeth and Ginger have since passed on, but their paw prints will remain on my heart forever, and I have them to thank for my love of grooming dogs today.

This bond I have with animals strengthens my skills and love for my job every day. I have techniques I use to calm nervous dogs. Though I can't imagine anyone not loving a good blow out, some dogs just won't have it and need to be soothed before I can begin to work with them. Other dogs are the complete opposite and are excited to come in for a bath and a haircut. Even these dogs need some incentive to settle down long enough for me to make them beautiful. I am pretty good at figuring out on which side of the spectrum the dogs who visit me are. Because each dog is different, my days tend to vary from one client to the next, so life in the shop is always exciting.

No matter the cut or style you're looking for on your dog, you can trust me to make them beautiful, come home smelling great, and enjoy time spent with me. Every dog is different. Every dog is special. Every dog is unique with a catching personality. And I hope to meet them all one day. Every dog should be pampered every so often. So, bring your best friend to me for some pampering, a fun environment, and the perfect grooming from bathing, brushing, trimming, and cutting, I can do it all.

My own pets, a cat named Sugarplum and my conure bird, Persephone, are the absolute loves of my life. But I have room in my day for your extraordinary dog as well. In my world of art, your pup is a canvas, a block of clay, a clean slate. I can't wait to get started pampering your pooch.

I was born here in Bozeman, Montana. I've lived here for most of my life though I spent five years in the windy town of Laramie, Wyoming. Bozeman is my home again, and I hope to meet every dog in town.

Amanda specializes in all-breed grooming and breed specific trims. She enjoys working on dogs of all sizes and coat types and offers an array of products and shampoos that will suit your dong's needs from teeth to toenails.