How do I make a reservation?

Simply go to any of the 'reservation' buttons around the site and click. This form will give me the info I need to book your reservation. I can usually let you know in a few minutes to an hour if I can book your request.

What is a typical day for my dog here?

Your dog will be integrated into a peer group of 3-7 dogs depending on many factors including age, breed, activity level etc... He will go out in his group for 4-10 hours each day including an indoor play area (there is a vinyl strip door you can see in the pictures in this site) he can move in and out of throughout his play time if he wants to come in to the AC or the radiant heat floor. He will have plenty of opportunities to fetch and hopefully retrieve a ball although much of the time I become the retriever.

Do I need to bring my pet's food from home?

While it is best to keep your pet on his food from home, it is not necessary. However, please be aware that there is an additional charge for the food we provide.

What vaccinations will my pet need?

Dogs need rabies every 1-3yrs, bordetella annually and whatever distemper combo your vet requires. The distemper records might look like this 'DHLPPC'. Cats need rabies every 1-3yrs and any combo including feline distemper. Your distemper records might look something like this 'FVRCP'.

Can I request any extra attention for my pet?

You bet! While all pets receive love and attention throughout the day, some parents chose to pay for extra playtime or extra lap/cuddle/TLC time. Dogs can also have requested walks for a little added exercise and attention. You can request these options on your reservation request form or text me during your pet's stay to add these. Since I keep my numbers small here, you can always ask for something special for your pet and I will always do my best to make it happen.

Can I use the self pick up/drop off room 24/7?

You bet! The nice thing about this is you can spend the night before your 5am morning flight with your pet or not go home alone after that late night flight home. You will need to bring your dog at least once for daycare or boarding to use the self drop off option for your next reservation. If you are boarding a cat you only need to come for a tour to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

How many dogs will be in my dog's group?

The nice thing about my facility is I keep my groups small while offering about an acre to run on. I don't believe in running 10's of dogs together in small spaces like most facilities. Your dog's group will depend on energy level, age, personality, size and social skills. Typically my groups are between 4 and 8 dogs.

What if my dog doesn't want to interact with other dogs?

That is just fine, after all it is his vacation! I do try to find at least one buddy for your pooch but I never force anyone to be in a group. Some dogs have not been well socialized in the early years or they've had a negative incident with a dog that inhibits him from wanting to be in a group. If you request he not be socialized that is fine too and you will pay an extra charge for a private yard.

Will my dog get bullied or picked on?

No, absolutely not! I keep my groups small to ensure I can see what is going on with each dog. If I see he is not thriving in his group I will move him or make a new mix of dogs I know will better suit his play style.

Can I have my dog or cat groomed or bathed before I pick him up?

Since the dogs are outside a lot they can get a little dirtier than just inside play. We are in Montana for a reason and that's to enjoy the outdoors, I want your dog to enjoy the outdoors too. If you would prefer your dog not be in the yard just let me know. If you do want your dog to make the most of his stay, Amanda is a wonderful groomer, who will send your pooch home smelling and looking great, this is really convenient if you have a long car/RV ride home. Amanda is great with the cats and can send them home knowing and looking great too!

What is the best way to contact CC?

I spend most of my time with the dogs so I can't hear the phone to talk. Texting is my preferred method of contact so I can be sure to keep track of everything you have to tell me about your pet. I get back to most clients instantly if not within an hour.

Can I bring my pet's bed?

You bet! I have Kurunda beds for all my dogs but do not put them in the self pick up/drop off room as they are too big for those pens. I will pull mine out if you want to bring your own from home. Keep in mind many dogs will destroy their beds in a new place so chose wisely if you want to take that risk.

All cats will have double decker wicker beds (please see pictures on the kitty condo page) but I can certainly pull mine out to add yours and anything else you want in there.

Why do I have to make an appointment?

You are taking the time to visit my facility so you deserve to have me be completely prepared for you. I spend a lot of time with the dogs out back or off property and won't know if you are here. I also live here on my property with my family so ask for the courtesy of an appointment time.

Do I need to "book a reservation" each time?

No, once your pet is established, you only need to text me your days and time.