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The idea for my Kitty Condos for cat boarding started when I had to leave MY cat at the vet while I went on vacation. I can't even begin to express the immense guilt I felt when I saw the cramped box in which I had to leave her (haven't we all been there?) As I flew to my destination, using a cocktail napkin, I started sketching what I thought would be the ideal set-up for a cat that could not be left at home. Since that day, in the summer of 1990, ideas have come and gone and I finally have what I want... exactly what I want!

Every cat will have her own 4'x4'x4' ft condo (16 sq feet) with a 2'x3' window to watch birds feeding & bathing just outside their reach. She can also have as much as 64 sq ft w/ 4 windows. It is your choice how much space you want her to have. The condos face the morning sun so kitty can sunbathe all day. We have also had the windows tinted so the room stays a comfortable temperature while providing lots of light as kitties love. Each condo has a double decker wicker bed. There is also an outside wire mesh enclosed yard for kitty to explore, climb cat trees, and sunbathe.

Kitty Condos Include:

  • 16 square foot condos
  • Litter boxes (sanitized daily)
  • Double Decker wicker beds
  • Daily times outside of condo
  • Outdoor wire mesh enclosed yard
  • Tinted windows for temperature control
  • Windows facing the morning sun

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