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Doggie Daycare & Motel is owned and operated by CC McNeil. She was the first person in this area to realize the need for dogs to socialize with others. Her facility has been offering quality pet boarding services at her 2 acre dog and cat daycare for over 27 years. CC McNeil has the knowledge and the expertise to meet the individual needs of your pet. She graduated from MSU with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior. She lives on site and her facility is conveniently located on the way to Big Sky in Gallatin Gateway, MT, just minutes from Bozeman, MT.

Meet Jenna Boston, Experienced Groomer

Jenna began working in the pet industry because she had a passion for animals. Since then, she has built a fulfilling career out of that passion!

Jenna first graduated grooming school and found that it was an art form she thoroughly enjoyed. She then became an instructor so that she could share her love of pets with others that had that same passion. She also worked with rescue organizations and boarding / training facilities in several states to learn everything she could about pets and their behaviors. Leaving her with the knowledge to keep the pets she works with everyday happy and comfortable.

She specializes in All-Breed grooming and Breed specific trims and enjoys working on dogs of all sizes and coat types.

Jenna offers an array of products and shampoos that will suit your dog's needs from teeth to toenails.

"My goal is and will always be to give my clients comfort in knowing they will be well taken care of, look great, feel great, and leave with tails wagging."

Doggie Daycare & Motel
Doggie Daycare & Motel Doggie Daycare & Motel


“Kitty Condos are HUGE! They each have their own window and are immaculate! Our Siamese gets very stressed with boarding. He came home from a two week stay, calm and happy with zero "kennel smell." I would never board my cat anywhere else.” - Sneakersfam

“We've been taking our dog (a chocolate lab) and cat to Doggie Daycare and Kitty Condos for more than 10 years and have never been disappointed. The facility is always clean and we can enjoy our vacations knowing our pets are safe and well cared for.” - Kim H

“My Weimaraner and I love the Doggie Daycare & Motel! They do a fantastic job of taking care of my dog (who has severe separation anxiety). They also take the time to reassure me that she is just fine and fitting in with the other dogs while I'm away. The facility is spotless, my dog gets lots of play and attention, and best of all: a waiting room with kennels, so that you are able to drop-off and pick-up your dog at odd hours. (You know, for all those very early and very late flights out of Bozeman.) I am so happy I have found this place, I can now leave my dog without ME suffering from severe separation anxiety! The location is also very convenient.” - Linda F

“Hello CC. We picked up Lucky yesterday … and just wanted to extend a very warm thank you for all the work you and your staff do to keep our loved ones safe and happy! The woman who helped us check out (I believe her name is Sam), was SUPER friendly and it was obvious that she treated Lucky and all the other animals with love and respect – she should be commended for her skills – as she was VERY courteous and helpful (and explained Lucky’s stay in great detail with regard to playtime with her dog and the special exercise and treatment he received). Thanks again for doing such a good job – and we look forward to our next visit – keep up the good work!” - JJon, Courtney, Luna, and Lucky

“Hello CC & Doggie Daycare Crew,
Just wanted to extend a big giant THANK YOU on behalf of lil' PJ dog and ourselves for taking such darn good loving care of our shy gal ... CC, you were totally right to say that your current staff is the best you've ever had. The special attention and understanding they offered PJ was plainly evident the moment we picked up our happy dog. We have never seen her adapt so quickly to new surroundings and bond with the caregivers in that way before. Obviously, all the young ladies there love animals as much as we do! It was such a huge relief to know that everyone at Doggie Daycare & Motel really, truly care about the ultimate well-being of the pets (and their slightly freaked-out owners)! Thanks again, guys – we'll see ya' next time around!” - George and Brandi C

“Just wanted to send you a message about Stacie and Katie … I dropped off Reggie and Cracker for day care last Tuesday and Wednesday. Stacie was working on Tuesday and Katie was there on Wednesday – I can't tell you how wonderful it was to drop off the boys and feel so good about leaving them for the day. It's clear that both ladies GENUINELY love animals and feel great about working at Doggie Daycare & Motel! They were so loving with them when I dropped them off and really took the time to visit with me when I picked them up. I made reservations to board them June 8-21 and am actually looking forward to having Cracker be able to be there for that time to socialize and play with all the dogs! The difference in Reggie's and Cracker's demeanor when I picked them up from you vs. another place was very noticeable as well. Thanks again – your staff and facility are definitely a reflection on you.” - Joan W

“Dear CC and Rachel,
The last time I took a dog to a boarding facility I left in tears, with the dog. I would rather forgo a vacation than leave my best friend locked in a cage, forced to defecate in his own space. I was therefore thrilled to find your daycare facility so close to my destination. I enjoy traveling with the poodle, and he is at home in the truck with me, but dogs are not allowed at the horse ranch I visit. Thanks to your clearly published instructions, drop off went smoothly, and I was impressed by Rachel’s handling of a strange dog, Taylor. To then receive an occasional email update on Taylor’s progress complete with pictures of him with his new friends was fantastic. I have always treated my dog companions like family, including them in as much of my life as possible. In return, I require a high degree of trust and obedience. Your facility enabled me to include Taylor in my recent visit to Montana, and to maintain the trust I have worked so hard to earn from him. Since his visit, I notice a marked improvement in his social skills, and a bit more independence. He is still responding as well as ever to commands, and he knows better not to nip my hand when excited. Pick up went very smoothly and I appreciated your trust regarding self payment. Overall, the experience obviously enriched Taylor’s life and made him a better companion to me. Thank you.” - Jeff R

“CC, my yellow lab puppy, Blue, just had his first visit with you. I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed. Your business is clean and secure. Blue was happy and if we would have let him, I think he would have stayed there. You have a wonderful facility but I must say I think your most precious asset is your staff. Annie greeted us inside when we came to drop off Blue. She was polite and efficient. What really impressed me was her treatment of Blue. Blue was straining to get off the leash and move around. Annie immediately went down to greet Blue and unclipped his leash so he could roam freely and be content. That put Blue at ease and headed off a build-up of energy and tension. That is a great intuitive move and shows me that not only do you run a stellar business, but you have a great staff that understands animals. Watching Blue shower Annie with licks and kisses as she carried him into the kennel all I could do was smile.” - Chris H

“Living a hundred miles from anything can be stressful. BUT we have found our two dogs feel that going to 'camp' is worth the trip. Gunner and Brody are always excited about being at Doggy Daycare. Look forward to the people, other playmates, and the activities that happen there. This is a keeper place and worth any amount of miles to get your pet there.” - Randi and Steve H

“We wanted to let you know how much we like your service and to say thanks. We picked TJ on Friday just before noon and he slept most of the way home (9 hour drive). Our ski trip to Big Sky was much more enjoyable knowing that TJ was in such good hands and having fun himself. When we drove up to drop him off, he ran to your door wagging his stubby little tail. He remembered his stay in February! He had much more fun at your place than he would have had staying by himself in the house up at the ski resort and it made things much easier for us. Thanks again for taking such good care of TJ. You and your staff run a great operation and we will be back next year!” - Curt and Mary E

"Doggie Daycare is the only kennel I will ever take my dog to. It's truly his home-away-from-home. I've never encountered another facility like it. Neat as a pin, completely professionally run, personal service – with always the pet in mind first – it's yet another perk of living here in Bozeman. CC is to be commended for providing such a special retreat for the animals she loves so much." - Karen G

“Thank you for being so nice to our humans when they couldn’t make up their minds about when to go on vacation. We’re just glad they are going somewhere so we can spend the week with you! Many thanks!” - Bobby and Zeus L (cat and guinea pig guests)

“Hi, my name is Buford T Cat. It's BIG fun to go to Doggie Daycare & Motel. I have a sunny window with great views of all the goings on and sometimes I even have a nifty next door neighbor. And CC always makes sure I have fresh water and a clean litter box (sometimes Mom even forgets those things). I guess I would just sum it up by saying I'd almost rather be at Doggie Daycare than at home. Well, except at night when I get to sleep with Mom on the BIG bed but that's another story... Hope to meet you at Doggie Daycare sometime soon.” - Buford

“Hi CC – I wanted to send a belated thanks for the care you and your staff gave to Loki and Edel during our recent trip. They were having a blast playing out in the yard with the other dogs when we arrived to pick them up, but thankfully wanted to come home with us. It was wonderful to see them happy and active. Thanks again for your great "program" and clean, caring facility. We won't hesitate to bring them back!” - Kathy G and David S

“Thank you for letting Lucy spend the weekend. We had a family friend pick her up on Sunday and she had a great experience. It is so nice to have found a wonderful place that she enjoys. Thank you!” - Zeke and Katena P

“Hi CC. Just wanted to let you gals know that Ray is doing very well and responding to treatment. His last blood check-up was good news, as the RBC’s; hematocrit and reticulcytes are all up. He has his energy back, and loves going to the park again! We have been mixing the Nature’s Variety food with his regular kibble (which we are phasing out) and he just loves it. We supplement with raw liver and raw bones from the Co-Op full of tasty marrow. No more throwing up and BM’s are getting better – he had a tough spell there with the meds. He is eating better than ever and positively shines. Thanks for all your wise recommendations and good wishes. We are so relieved to see him happy again! We are definitely recommending Doggie Daycare to all our friends. See you again soon!” - Allison G

"With doggie Daycare a traveler can rest easy knowing that his best pal is in loving, capable hands. My dog, Murphy, regards the place as a second home." - William H

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At Doggie Daycare & Motel, we believe that our love for animals is evident in everything that we do. You can count on our daycare staff to treat your pets with the care and attention that they deserve. Call us to learn more about our cat and dog boarding services or to make a pet daycare reservation!

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